Just for today I will keep my pain away from those around me as not to bring there spirits down I am over coming the what I went through in the past and will not wear it like a badge of honour, I have my head held high chest out shoulders back as I go through this day with a smile on my face. I have come this far in life and have over come so much that I will not drag it around with me I am free of what did not serve me, I am and we’ll create a better life fo myself this day learning from the past to build a better future. I am grateful for this understanding of life and love as will the happiness that comes with moving forward in life. Today is a gift, the gift of a new day that has never been touched by anyone as for me to create the love I haven to give to my world and share with those who appreciate me as I am even with all of my character defects that I work on daily to be a better person.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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