Just for today I will have a clear cut path to my dreams and goals that I have set forth in my life I have a belief in self to achieving them, I have a plan I also have the motivation I have taken time to study how to make this come from thought to reality. I have Asked, I have belief, I have faith in all that I do will come too me in the right time as long as I have created a path for what I seek for I also know that its true what you are seeking is seeking you. Like wanting a cup of coffee I need to have water then have the water boiling, I know I have to have coffee and if not ground I need to take action to grind it then adding to the billing water letting it boil for an allotted time then I can enjoy the coffee, but there was a process to making it as with my dreams I have the ways and means to create to which I am grateful.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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