The little tasks turn out to be the biggest in life.

Just for today I will do my best to better my self I have good intentions set as my priorities from the keeping of my spaces clean and clear of clutter and having this clean environment for my well being, I will take care of little things from not leaving a dish to do or wash later I will do it now and be done with it. I will do each of my tasks today one at a time and completing each one as I go so that there will be nothing hanging over my head, this also will help if something comes up either an adventure with friend s or something unexpected I can return to a clean and tidy environment to greet me over looking at a stack of dirty dishes or house full of clutter and the mess that goes with that. It is a small task to be tidy and knowing too once its done its now behind you so you and move on to more enjoyable things I like the simple life skills hacks that I have in my life adding to a stress free way of life for this I do live with an Attitude of Gratitude.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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