Today I choose to be a mentor to youth.

Just for today I will take time to say hi or even greet a youngster letting them know they have meaning in this world for the kids to day loos touch by watching TV playing video games they don’t have the human contact they are needed in growth. May people today would rather buy a big TV and lots of video game over taking time to give the child the one on one mentoring that they need. This can be done for them by getting involved with youth programs at schools out sourced events to attract kids to expand the mind and learn the limits to the body in sports, and other out door adventures for them. This gift of taking your time to teach things from hiking , water sports, fishing and hunting skills they can use and if not used have in the mind that they share with friends and family telling how they climbed mountains ,rode horses learning how to use a canoe a lots of these things are being left behind to the TV and video games. We should take this responsibility to heart and empower the youth of today for the youth of tomorrow.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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