I will be kind to those who are not.

Just for this day I will be doing my part to have a great and prosperous day in the best way that I know how from little things to giving a smile to holding a door for someone I don’t have to go out of my way or even try to show nor brag about being kind this is My Little Secret to my life doing things because I like to do them and want to do them. I may not know what people are going through be it good times or they are experiencing hard times in their life alls I need to do is show kindness. For those who are close take time to listen to them and talk being open and kind with them for they too may have had a hard day or are in pain or just wanting to have someone pay attention to what they are doing or going through, fo sit never hurts to sit in a moment of silence to hear how their day is going being supportive in their positive adventures to caring and understanding things that may be troubling. Today I do not judge for that is not my part in life I am here to enjoy life and share the joy.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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