I have stood at the end of my road, yet turned around to try one more day.

Just for today I will get out and enjoy life for one never knows when t the last day is coming it is true I have had days that I didn’t not want to be me or even on earth for I could not see my worth. Yet standing at the edge of life I took a chance to try one more day that gift of another day to start my day and life over again. There are still days that come that I start feeling sorry for self then smile and say to my self I only have to day to live so I shall make the best of it knowing tomorrow I get a gift of a new never used day to create it any way I wish so I will live in love and harmony today as I plan tomorrow today, enjoying this gift of life in our abundant world we have. I will add to my day an Attitude of Gratitude sharing a smile to those I meet.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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