Set the mind free and the body will follow.

Just for today I will set my mind free and knowing that my body will follow, if I want more love then I have to remove what has been shown to me via TV shows media with their programming that is ti suit their agenda I have to step back free the mind from their grip once I do this I am free to build and create MY life the way I wish not being told how I should live of love. Too many today are only seeing the TV the News and their side of things and not being open to looking around for we do not all want brand B cars we want free will to think and choose for our selves. Once you open the gates that have been placed in your mind the world becomes your oyster to Do, Have or Be anything you want free will is becoming a thing of the past starting to day set your self free from the merry go round of the programmed world for there is so much to see and do once unplugged, Live with an Attitude of Gratitude for life is truly abundant.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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