The only one I have to show off too is self.

Just for today I will do all I can as not for showing off or trying to out do others but to do better than I can for my self I will watch how I dress and care for my self being well groomed as will having good hygiene not to impress others but some a better self. Once I have taken this time to better self I only have this day to do better, then tomorrow and into the weeks to come I can sit back and refract on my personal progress in my life. I do start each day by making the bed for with this I know I have completed one task as I go through my morning I will tidy up after my self as with the rest of my day. I know by completing the small things they add up to the big and too I will not have the mess or dishes hanging over my head to be done for I have left a trail of cleanliness a simple task to master once one takes care of their personal space with this I am grateful and live in an Attitude of Gratitude for my personal growth.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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