Mastering the mirror technique.

Just for to day I will love myself and my world using all that I can and have available for me to empower self to be of better service to others I have found one of my favourite ways it the mirror technique which I use in my morning to start my day and in the evening when ending my day. I take time to look deep into my own eyes seeing the universe at large in me for all knowledge comes from within, as I start my morning I do look deep into my eyes going through how I want my day to be, and end with “I love you and my name” as with the end of my day I do the same looking deep into my eyes going through my day acknowledging my strong points and my weak then talk to my self as to how to improve my self for tomorrow this is one of the more powerful techniques out there for staying on top of your life, as I live my life out and grow daily by using this the masters of ones life use this then adding that all important Attitude of Gratitude embellishes ones minds and thoughts reflect the goodness in self to the world.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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