There is magic in the words we speak.

Just for today I will be mindful of the words I use for what we speak we create even in the universal mind speaks in Theta waves, in other words Thoughts become things, Think it so in the mind and you will hold in hand. The words, Hocus Pocus, Abracadabra dates back before magic shows and was use for the creation of thinks from thought. Then words were changed but the words of creation stayed as new ways to express it like “Positive thinking, Think and Grow rich, The Secret” and that list goes on but in fact it doesn’t matter what words or what you call this spelling it is still to many a “Spell” casted to bring in blessings into ones life so remember it is true “Thoughts become things” what ever you think you can “Become, Do or Have” what you speak comes into hand. Ask your self are your thoughts worthy of the way you want to live your life and isn’t it time to think positive to have your dream life in hand.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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