When you thought it was over the gift of a new day.

Just for today I well rejoice in the knowledge that I have a fresh start with a new day knowing this day has never been touched or left unattended it is wild open fo roy thoughts of creation a clean sheet a fresh new chock bard to write down how I want this day to be if I choose to be happy then there it is I have a day filled with Happiness, should I want wealth I look to my family and my world around me to see how truly rich I Am. I know that everything in my life comes from thought the Health I want to the Wealth I want even how I create my Happiness it is all my doing to be have and own, the gift of seeing the good in this abundant world we live in this is truly amazing anything we want anything we need is right here and yes at times we may have to work hard for it but never the less it is here waiting for us if we get out and create it, I love living with this Attitude of Gratitude for this gift of a new day.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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