I Am who I create my self to be.

Just for today I will have a clear understanding of who I am as well where I want to be in my life for I know all that I have and all that is to come has been done through my our hard work or planing where I have chosen to be, I have a power greater than self to guild me in all my quests that I take on and for the ones yet to be created by me. I Am the creator of all that is in my life and should things go wrong there is no one to blame but myself I also know that if I point my fingers at others there are three fingers pointing back to me the source of what I did so I must take this and be fully ready to be responsible for my actions. I will achieve and strive to be at my personal best not to out do anyone but to better my self in all that I do, I am blessed and live in an Attitude of Gratitude for my abundant life.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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