The mind is like a garden what you plant grows.

Just for today I will have some food for thought for I know what I empower my self with becomes my life very much like a garden if one plants nightshade then sickness and discomfort grows yet if I plant sunflowers I create sunshine I feed the mind with positive as well nourish with a greater sense of knowledge my life will grow into that way that in feed into it. Wanting more goodness in life the find feed the mind with goodness as with wanting riches feed the mind all that creates wealth in the wealth game of life and too with love seeking love then not only be the love you seek but learn of all the aspects to love and being loved then from there be that love. Know too what ever you are seeking is seeking you and if you feel its not coming fast enough add that Attitude of Gratitude for who and what you have now after all it is a present like the gift of a new day each day of your life.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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