Be the light to show the path of righteousness.

Just for today I will be a guild a light of guidance to others to see the path to righteousness I cannot make them do anything other than be the light if they choose to be curious and start to ask questions ten I have enlightened I have no more to do but be a light we have to be of free will to choose our path in our daily lives. One can only show and leave the rest up to them our purposes is only be a building light and that is all we need not try to rescue them but only a light ever moving forward in life thats all we can do. For soon they may see the gathering of the righteous the healers the spiritual people and if they want to follow embrace them, its said let the dead burry the dead and the living to be with the living that is all one can do be a light not to force, punish or ridicule only be the love the light of the universe.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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