I have time to wait for the good that is coming.

Just for today I will be stedfast in my quest for all that I seek to have in my life for I know for what ever I seek it is seeking me and that is all I need to know to have all I planned for wished for and created a path for to come into my life either daily of in time. I also know the universe have no time lines it is “just” I know I have to make the path the trail or that plan to have what ever it is I seek to find its way to me this is the creation process of all of life, from the snail looking for a leaf to the loin looking for food everything starts with a plan to get out and find what you need. It always comes to these who want and the steps to this is only too Ask, Believe, and Receive for this you can Be, Do or Have anything you want in your life for you are the creator.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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