I will use creative thought in my life.

Just for today I will have healthy thoughts and will keep thinking on my goals and dreams in a positive way I will give thought to doing my best in all that I undertake just for today, for what I create in thought today I will have tomorrow. Thoughts in our lives is like having a paddle in a boat drifting down the rive using paddles is your thoughts to keep you away from the rocks and banks as you go with the ores you have more control as without paddles ores you just drift along with greater chances of running into the bank hitting the rocks and no way to avoid the rapids. With this in mind we know we can create a peaceful path in life thinking and creating with thought to have all we want in our lives from what we Do, who we can Be, as will what we Have. Just for today I will be the captain of my life ever guiding my journey with an Attitude of Gratitude for all that I have and have done.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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