Opportunity comes from wanting something more.

Just for today I will not despair over the lack of something that I feel is missing in my life for I know if I feel that there is lack I will get out and fill this with what I am missing if I feel the lack of money then it is up to me to get out and earn more start my own business or work harder at my job to get a raise in pay or that bonus, if I feel I need love then I must be the love I am missing and too with my health if I feel I should be thinner or even more fit that is my responsibility to fill this lack. I can find opportunity in all that I need if I first look at my self and question how can I Do, Get or Have what I seek, for the ones who want more in life they get out and do more they become the successful ones not because of luck or born that way they get up earlier work on them selves longer and harder than the ones sitting at home watching TV wishing for money as they make payments on that big TV thats taking away for their financial goals, you either get up and go hard or or sit like a potato in the dark going nowhere the choice is in your hands.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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