I Am the dream catcher to my dreams.

Just for today I know that if I have it in my sleeps dreams then I have the power of curation to have what I have seen given to me from the universal mind for I know that if I see it I can have it if its what I want to have this isn’t wishful thinking or one day its now I start the path to my dream first writing it down having the goal set forth in every way I can to have what I have seen in dream to hand. Many people have the dream given to then and do nothing more not even trying to light th fire of having the dream come true, where others build a path do everything they know or have learned to have the dream in hand these are the ones that are the real goal setters in our world and we all have this gift its in us the real question is do we go for it or daydream of our dream. Are you a day dreamer or a dream case’er the choice is yours.

Visionary BryanSmith



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