Taking care of today takes care of my tomorrows.

Just for to day I will take care of this day reaching for my daily goals and building on the dreams that I have set forth by doing this I am setting up my tomorrows by planting what I need today, having a healthy life style eating right getting out in the fresh air doing exercise build a healthy family for wealth all comes back to me to have the Health that Wealth and Happiness I am worthy of. If we stay working on just for today our tomorrows will fall into place life a giant puzzle we start with one peace today and soon as the day goes on the puzzle is completed for enjoyment tomorrow. The small things add up to the big things save a dollar to have an extra dollar store a little food to have food tomorrow and always have a smile on the face for everyday use and share it with all you meet this day, for that smile will come back tomorrow.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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