Coincidence, come from thought, Just think.

Just for today I will enjoy the power of thought to see the what thought has brought into my life it wasn’t just coincidence it was creation coming from the world of thought yes the universal mind. You thought of a red car and soon you see red cars all over you placed your thoughts on seeing the red car and like magic there they are and with what you are thinking you will take note and see your thoughts and to some they know its the Law of Attraction in action and some may just call it coincidences, remember “Thoughts Become Things” this is all part of the creation process that each of us has some learn how to use it and others just go with the flow either way this is the Law of the Universe always working if you believe it or not. Today my thoughts are on my Health Wealth and Happiness ever living in an Attitude of Gratitude for our abundant world we live in.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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