I will watch what nature has to teach me.

Just for today I will enjoy being my self and absorbing the teachings of nature from the complexed to the  mundane there can be something learned seeing a spiders web and marvel at how it creates a beautiful trap for food, to the banks of a river observing the high water marks on the banks to the still pools where one can watch the little fish in all that they do. Our world will teach us many things if we look to see them, like the saying, ” I little birdie told me” this action if one watches birds if they are gathering food and in flocks bigger then normal this is a sign from them saying that the weather is in for a big change learning these tricks of nature could be a saving grace for you if one takes note. As looking at the high water marks on the rivers bank to camp and stay dry should a storm be miles up river. To seeing birds eating more than normal this is a sign of bad weather to come. Nature talks to you if you take time to listen learn to be still and watch for there is an amazing story being told to you.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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