Learn to earn and take control of life.

Just for today I will learn something new I will learn from what the universe places into my day as well from the lessen to be learned to the gift of sharing experiences with others to help them grow, not all that comes into our lives is a lessen for somethings are for sharing our knowledge from what we have gone through perhaps its is that you were an unwanted child and in your later years you have an unwanted child come into your life this is not to remind you of your past this is a blessing to the one you have met as to shree what you know and to be the kindness that you know is wanting and so badly needed. Maybe you meet someone who wants to start a business in a file you have been in for years this is again not reminding you of how hard your past was to get to your business but to share your knowledge not all lessens are for you some are for you to share your experiences, so take on the new ones who need your love compassion and vast knowledge that you have thats free to share, so its Try Me! not Why me?

Visionary Bryan Smith



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