If plan A didn’t work as planned I have plan B followed by 26 other letters

Just for today I will have a solid plan of action for my goal and dreams I have done a positive and clear feasibility study having a good assessment of how to complete this goal / dream leaving no angle unexplored. Once I have done a thorough investigation to what I want to have then I will start building on it should if fail I know that I may have missed sorting or perhaps the market was not ready I will have a good look at my plan again to make sure that it wasn’t something I had missed once I have don’t that I will start again with a new approach knowing full will that if the new plan B doesn’t work out as planned there are 26 letters in the alphabet to use for this plan I will not give up on this goal that I have, for winners do not stop or quit because of a set back, for their are no trophy’s for those who gave up.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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