Knowing the power of I Am. That I Am.

Just for today I will have a great day in all that I do because this is how I will make my day turn out starting with ” I Am going to have a great day, I Am going to have a successful morning, I am working on being at my best potential in all my undertakings. I know it is thought and the actions of my thoughts that will build my day into the best day no matter what may come, I can use these power statements in each part of this day knowing I don’t have to sit with the gossipers or negative groups, I Am going to either sit by my self or with like minded people who are wanting more in life. Like that old saying pick at dirt with turkeys or sore with eagles I choose success and soaring above ever achieving newer and greater hight’s for this I Am grateful ever living in an Attitude of Gratitude for this wonderful life.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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