Creative power of “I Am, that I Am”

Just for today I know that my creative power is greater than fear of not completing a tack or obligation that I have made or agreed to, for I know that “I Am” in front of my words is power and the power of creation and I can use these words in all that I do. I can say I Am going shopping or I Am only spending x number of dollars as to stay in budget, I AM going to have a successful day in all that I do once we know how this phrase works in our lives we become more powerful in our actions we under take. As to where the phrase of this creative power came from or even who was first to use it is not as important as using it to improve your daily life. Believe in your words believe in self and nothing can hold you back from your dreams, the man from a poor country who dreamed of owning a Lamborghini gathered cardboard and made him self one his license plate home made says I Am that I Am .. You can dream it, have it, for thoughts Do become things.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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