Having an off day, change your thoughts.

Just for today I will watch my actions as I go through my day and if I see myself feeling negative or not in my peaceful mind then I know its my responsibility to change how I perceive this and take the action to Change my thoughts to change my life this can be placed into all parts of my daily thoughts and mood. If I have hunger then I need to place thought into getting something to eat, as with any other thing I seek should I seek love then I must be the love and place all thought of love and compassion, should I be seeking wealthy then too I need to place all thought of creating wealth. Changing ones thoughts can change ones life in may ways, ask your self what do I really want then go after it with thinking and thoughts of how to get to where you want to Be, Do or Have, wanting a million dollars then start by attracting one dollar, wanting happiness then be happy now, want health then think in healthy ways.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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