Use and knowledge of the universal mind.

Just for today I will enrich my thought through meditation as well allowing my mind to connect to the universal mind this connection that I have taken time to learn has been beneficial to a peaceful mind and inner knowledge to the workings of the world around me, how this works I do not care alls I know is that it works. Many of the past present have used this meditation the list of those who have is far to great to list here. This isn’t just for a few this is for everyone who takes time to follow the path to enlightenment many of the books and positive writers have told of this knowledge and can be traced back to the beginning of recorded time. Wanting to know more of life and the world take time to learn for this is here just for you to gain greater understanding to all. This has many names The Way, The Eye of God, Think and Grow Rich they are countless books and teachers waiting to share this with you.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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