I Am. That, I Am ..the creator of all in my life.

Just for today I will have a wonderful and creative day building into my life all that I dream of as well wishing to have by creative thinking and thoughts of my success no matter what I choose should I want to be a race car driver I will study what there is to know then take the driving skills course that are needed then I shall be a race car driver knowing this I can apply this way of thinking to any thing I wish or dream of being. The simple fact that thoughts become things is an amazing concept to how you want to be in your life know too this isn’t wishful thinking but use your thoughts to build on your dreams and things that you have wished for, wishing to be rich study how to be rich, wanting love learn love to be the love you want yes be what you want by thought and practice of living your thoughts then to enhance this process add that Attitude of Gratitude to your life.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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