Most powerful words we can say, I Am ______ .

Just for today I Am going to have a good day for I have started the creation process with the thought and actions of “I Am’ followed by my plan of action as I finish projects that I have planned I will add to my thoughts “I can’ as well “I will’ for creation is in the spells we cast our words are in fact liken a spell to create goodness, positivity and love. I know adding the “I Am’ to all I do sets forth more than just a thought that starting in the mind it is creation so for today “I Am’ having a great day filled with love joy and happiness and I will share this in all that I do today, for I cant change yesterday for it is gone, yet I can set a plan for tomorrow because “I AM’ the creator of all thats in my love and I super charge this with an Attitude of Gratitude for all that is in life.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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