Dream it, think it, then create it after all “its” your dream

Just for today I will turn dreams into reality through thought, it starts be seeing something you like day dreaming of having it then doing some investigating into this thing from the day dream place a plan of action to creating a path to it and if it is $X number of dollars and you earn $X then study a way to save and work toward having this dream going from imagine if to having it. Your mind is liken a big projector to have your dreams dance before you in your imagination the route from the dream to thought to having in hand, its is true and more so the Law of Attraction ” Thoughts Become Things” so what are your thoughts are they empowering you to your life you have seen and planned or thoughts of negative living in sadness, for changing your thoughts you change your life! Yes Change your Thoughts to Change your life.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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