The knowledge that is held in the universal mind awaits you.

Just for today I will take time for my self in meditation to connect to the universal mind through mediation as well this allows me to focus on my synergy staying in aline with the natural order of life and removing stress to calm mind and body. This universal mind is no new fade or next trendy thing it has a clear carved in stone documentation from around the world and many civilizations and cultures from the earliest records in earth time. Learning and connecting to this universal mind through meditation gives you all the knowledge of all things a greater understanding to our world as well life around us in this state of harmony with the “All’ is a gift into its self and this can be done in 10 minutes and even up to 1 hour of mediation its is all in what works for each individuals choices and time allowance, be connected to the universe and our world.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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