Have an action plan ..daily

Just for today I will have a plan of action for all that I am doing be it at work play and family for play I will have prepared all that I will need food drinks and safety equipment should it be needed best to have a few extra things than not enough should a problem arise and I can apply this being ready in all parts of life. It is far better to have more than you need in for what you are doing then to not have it should a problem come along, like being a boy scout always be prepared, more often than not in these times people don’t take time to gather the extra things that they “may” need this is true for work as will take all the tools you may or might need even the small things like charging cables for your phone or laptop pens paper thing many may over look. The world is your oyster have the shucking tool in pocket and be ready for opportunity and living this life with and Attitude of Gratitude for being one step ahead.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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