Doing one act of kindness and see where it goes.

Just for today I will have a great day with a bounce in my step as I go through my day I will also have great enthusiasm for this day and all that comes and what I do plus what I can achieve adding being kind to people. Just think if I can be nice to one parson a day in a year that is 365 people I have cheered up or got a smile from now if I do that to 2 people a day that works out to 730 people in a year, now can you see the impact of a smile or kind work in this world we live in today this is the ripple effect of kindness. Now just think those who have been smiled at will now share a smile or act of kindness and those numbers of being kind can go around the world, just for to day smile and do one thing or act of kindness.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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