Grow into your space not try to fit in.

Just for today I will get out and enjoy like and will avoid falling into the square peg in a round hole feeling yet too knowing that I am a round peg in a square hole gives me more room to grow and expand myself in my life, as liken in a bace ball game most want to get to first bace but I don’t fit that group I have to hit the ball out of the park for a home run. Being at ones personal best is key to life and not just going with the flow like a dead fish, I do not fit into that picture I will fight the currents and water falls to get to my goals and dreams that I have, in all parts of my life I will study in my ways not the main stream for I cant think or act like the cookie cutter mold most places have for people in my world I see and think differently even been called names for the way I see the world and think. Knowing this I am ok and know we are not the same so we cannot all fit into that box , many of us get out and life our lives with gusto, joy as will the magic that those of us who do not fit in enjoy that others may miss as they try to fit into that mold so just for today get out and be true to self sett goals that others think as nonsense striving to build a better life for all.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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