All you need is a burning desire, belief its coming.

Just for today I will keep the fire on my dream and my goal alive with that burning desire knowing that what I want to create will manifest no second guessing a hard line belief that I will have my goal living my dream. May of us say “I wish I had _______ ” and not take the steps or action to go after their dream only an vague thought and not going any farther no plan no idea how or any thought to how, where some see what they want in the mind hold that thought and think, plan work and build on the dream that burning desire to have it taking risks and hard core planning to find a way to having it, being a home business a healthy family a dream car or home they get out and work their dream and work it hard as they can to achieve it these are not lucky they worked for it we all have this power its knowing how to use it.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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