Positive choice over wishful thinking.

Just for today I will have a plan I may not complete it but I will have one, as long as I have a goals to head to I am heading into the right direction for my self and my wants plus the goals and dreams I hold. I know that if I do not take action these goals dreams and plans are but a wish, with this knowledge I will get out and do everything in my power to complete wha tI have in mind. I have a thought that will take some thinking and then planning to build on from the small to the grand I have a plan. Should I want to climb a mountain then I need a plan of action and follow up by climbing to the top over sitting there looking at the mountain with just a want, I take that want place into action set a goal and go for it not letting fear hold me back if I take precautions then I know I can do this.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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