Seeing the magic in life,Starting with this new day.

Just for today I will be grateful for this gift of a fresh never been used day free for creating it anyway we wish for the magic of this day lyes within us should we see the magic in this day we are blessed should we just take it as a day we can loose or miss these lovely new day. Its it wonderful to sit back and see this gift and not complain about it take time to see this day with the enjoyment of a child the new colours the smells of flowers & trees the dancing clouds in the sky and all this is here before you to enjoy with the love with in us we have. Starting today get out side and enjoy the sights those sounds for there is magic is there just waiting for you to see again as you had as a child, live this day with an Attitude of Gratitude and life is a joy to be in.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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