Learn how to make it then have your cake and eat it too.

Just for today I will have a greater understanding of the gifts in life knowing too that if one wants their cake and know too they can eat it as well taking the extra steps in learning how to make my cake, many people just see the cake, some taste the icing, others take a small slice, they there are the few that learn how to make the cake to have it and enjoy it all from the creation to the finished cake. Life is like this if you like to have more learn more of what you like, if you like the Law of Attraction and how it works then study all parts not just the icing on the cake of life for once you know the Secret of making it you have the creative process to do what ever your hearts desire and have it in hand for there is more to it than the icing you see coving what lays beneath.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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