Know thy self be with those who are in your goals.

Just for today I will get to know my self better in many ways through the health I want the wealth I seek and happiness I have to enjoy for knowing thy self is keep as well knowing who to stay close to in your life if wanting to be the best in the games you are playing then stay close to those winners in the game as too with business wanting to be successful stay close to those who are successful for it is proven like attracts like. There is no need to turn your back on old acquaintances but only to move forward with new like minded people that you see having the life you are seeking. How many times have you heard they saying ” hang around with turkeys or hang with Eagles” who you associate with you become, old tests have been done through the years take 100 people place in a room all equal and soon the goal setters are in groups setting goals the leaders creating greatness and the drunks in their place, knowing this is when you choose what table to sit at.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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