Having a balance in life.

Just for today I will know that love can out balance hate as with compassion can out balance distrust and too having good work ethics over poor work habits form how we value life and what is going on around us we can use this balance in life. Love out weighs hate yet to the pendulum swings both ways as to remove hate lean to love and too with distrust this pendulum swings to compassion hence in work doing more than asked having integrity to do it right the first time, having this balance in knowing when to take a step back or step forward either giving more of self or seeing time to give less again this is what I call the pendulum effect if you see things getting better then place more weights on the good for this too can change the balance you have before you and to have this weights of the balance working with you have that Attitude of Gratitude for all and add that spice of love just because.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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