I will park once I have completed my goals!

Just for today I will place my focus on my goals over going out to party of self entertainment hanging out just to think your having fun, while others are out partying and in three minds having fun I will be creating a dream life what I give up to day I can truly enjoy tomorrow. Liken the story of the ant and grasshopper as the grasshopper play the fiddle dancing the time away the ant works at building a supply of food & stores for the coming winter, like the story goes on to say when wither came the grasshopper hand nothing as it partied its days away and now its the ants turn to have a warm plant lots of food to now be able to party with out ever a worry. Many today would rather party than work for tomorrows harvest so in life choose wisely are you a grasshopper or the ant setting goals and build a wonderful future.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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