If you think you can your better than half way there.

Just for today I will have my sights set on achieving my goals that I have set forth I will not give weight to what others say or telling me that I cant do it, just because they may have tried and failed doesn’t mean it will not work for myself I will put more effort into what I have planned I will place all positive markers into what I am going to be creating. If I should fail I have a spread sheet of what to avoid when I go back and do it again, and again until I master my goal then having my dream go from a thought to being in hand. I will not count the failures I will only count what didn’t work out as a guide as to what not to apply in my next goal. Its like if you miss the nail when hammering it in you don’t give up you straighten the nail or start a new one and not give up on your building with the nail. It is always in how you see things learning to get a better grip on hammer learning to hold the hammer at the right angle and hitting the nail on the head, those who keep trying are the winners!

Visionary Bryan Smith



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