Cant find the magic look inside of self

Just for today I will see and find magic in all that is around me from the butterfly dancing through the air to the clouds in the sky marvelling that the clouds weigh tons yet float in the sky seeing the birds go about their business life is filled with magic if one unplugs from the things that have come from this industrial age we live in and enjoy the benefits of. We can enjoy life and the technology we have come to enjoy and depend on and all the greatness that comes with this modern world, yet taking the time to unplug and see what magic there is in earthly things from watching a river passing by stopping to admire the work of a spiders web to the beauty of tree swaying in the breeze, perhaps feeling the rain on your face just taking a moment to feel this magic as a child again always keep the wonder glowing within for this is our love for self and our world.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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