What you focus on you bring in more.

Just for today I will focus on what I want and need in this day should I need happiness then I will place my energy on bing happy not what makes me unhappy as with health and my wealth I know if I place energy on what my pains are that is what I will have more of so in order to remove discomfort I know to let it go and place energy on the good in life and what I have. With this knowledge I can apply this thinking to create any thing I want in life should I want riches then I will not think of lack but of abundance I can apply this to happiness and other parts of life the wealth of family seeing my self in good health and it all comes down to how one thinks our thoughts create or world and all that is around us, again simply by Changing our Thoughts to Change our life as it is Thoughts Become Things.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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