Learn to let go “Let God” give things to your higher power.

Just for today I will have a understanding that mush of what happened in my day I have no control over or ability to handle in a productive why this is when I have learned to let go ” Let God ” to give things to a higher power greater than self believing in this or your higher power to get you through or be a guide knowing to that this higher power comes in its self in many forms as friends helping family supporting in what you are experiencing be its good bad or indifferent. Knowing to when to let go and Let God or a greater power take the lead for you, for there may arise thing we have no control over and having the insight to stay positive in life letting go of what doesn’t serve us to our greater good. Today I will live in an Attitude of Gratitude for what I have and whats to come in our abundant world.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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