If you can see it in the mind you can hold it in the hand.

Just for today I will be working on goals and dreams that I have and want to create I have the ability to see them in the mind and visualize them to manifest them having an idea in thought giving it life through visualization to create them into hand we have such a gift when we use the power of thought and the power of mind. Thoughts become things is one of the greatest gifts we carry and its free to use any time and for anything we set our minds to, most just go with the flow of life while others give thought and build on thoughts turning dreams and goals into reality for them as for personal gain as to helping others, know too that the universe gives you hints and people to tell you what is needed. Ever been in line and overhear someone say I wish someone would do something about this or that? That is your cue to create, fix or build what has been given to you use it can be the next inventor/creator.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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