My destination for happiness is where I am at not when I have.

Just for today I will enjoy all the gift life has to offer to me in this abundant world in which we live I am content with what I have and do have plans for other things to have in life but knowing this are not going to make me happy they are just adding to what I have now the love the wealth and happiness I enjoy. To often we say I will be happy when I meet that person or have that car or visit this or that place always putting your happiness in a destination over enjoying what you have in hand, we can build up and get things for our selves there is nothing wrong with that however placing your happiness in “I will be happy when” will have a hard time to attract what you are seeking in life so be happy the way your are with what you have and create more greatness into life ever living with an Attitude of Gratitude for what and who you are in this present moment.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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