Learn love to master self for Love is all one needs.

Just for today I will love what I am doing and what I am and who I Am in my life I have all that I will ever need with love for loving self is a blessings loving your work means you are doing what you love and not working loving your world and all that is in it is your happy place and with your partner in life love hold it all together. Love is all you need every thing else will grow or come from what you love its just that simple, if you don like your job the time will drag on and frustration is at every point yet if you love your job time fly’s by you are enjoying and Happy! The fabric of life is built on love knowing this gives one great power over life and all that is in it make tasks you don’t like doing such as washing dishes take time to do this and do it with care as well right after you eat put it behind you no matter what it is get it done as you do this task add joy add some pride and your dreaded task becomes a breeze seeing that you have completed it in a timely fashion freeing you up to do more of what you love.

Visionary Bryan Smith



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