Manage money to manage life

Just for to day I will be aware of my spending habits and how I react with my money, should I get a unexpected bonus I will not run out and buy a new TV or latest smart phone I will tuck the money away either banking it or saving for that rainy day to often when people get a bonus or unexpected money they run out and spend it when they could have put it in saving or payed down the credit cards. Just think you didn’t know this money was coming so put it away its like you didn’t loose it you are saving it and because it was unexpected you can easily hold on to it if even it was a few dollars hold on to it just think you did not have it so you did not plan for spending so tuck it away you may need it tomorrow for something unexpected. Learning to manage and handle your money in todays spend spend world is a hard thing to learn but know Money isn’t everything yet money is for everything. Be wise be smart be rich ever being Grateful for money.

Visionary Bryan Smith


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