Taking that daydream from fantasy and making it happen.

Just for today I will stop and take time to see if I can put my daydream into reality fo sit should not be hard at all for all one needs to do is over come the fears of the “what if’s” should this desire be to skydive then take time to save the money for the jump, should it be the want of going boating create a plan to rest or buy a boat perhaps even a holiday on a ship no matter the dream on can plan create and have it come into being. Many times we think we don’t have the money yet spending money on a fancy coffee or shoes clothes that in the real face of things we really do not need take that $5. or $20. or more for that $5. a day on coffee adds up to $25 a week $100. a month and about $1200. a year spent a day and save it and see in no time you have the money you wanted for travel, a new car boat or even a motorcycle you do have the power to live your dreams once you manage your self and put your dreams before the little things that take your dreams/money train your self to put your wants ahead of the treats for it all comes down to how badly do you want your dream?

Visionary Bryan Smith



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